Cheyenne Mountain Family Portrait: The Marshalls by Denise DeBelius

The Mt. Cutler trail is a few twists and turns from the base of the Cheyenne Mountain entrance. From the trailhead, it’s a mile and half hike that meanders around the edges of steep cliffs and sloping ravines, dotted with both the barren branches of once burned clusters and then thick, fluffy pines spread like a blanket across the hills. I found myself hugging the inner trail up the mountain while the adventurous Marshall family confidently strode along the edges, murmuring approval of the views and with tiny Madeline surveying from a backpack atop her father’s shoulders. They were such a fun trio to capture in front of this beautiful backdrop. I hope this is the first of many pictures from these peaks.

Garden of the Gods Family Portrait: Yaksich Family by Denise DeBelius

These portraits were taken with the Yaksich family one early evening in Garden of the Gods. It was just before Easter and the days were already beginning to waver between warm sun and the spring rains that sweep through the afternoons. We strolled along the open trails and eventually hiked up into some of the red rocks splayed across the park’s expanse. The kids played in the carved rocks as we caught the last of the sun.

Los Angeles Wedding: Greg and Damarie by Denise DeBelius

This wedding was all in the family. My brother-in-law married my newest sister-in-law over a fall weekend in sunny southern California. Greg and Damarie put an enormous amount of effort into designing a personalized, one of a kind celebration, with nods to their California roots and Damarie’s Latina heritage. The wedding took place in a repurposed library and the outcome was stunning. You’ll see a lot of my family and my kids in these photos, because we also had almost everyone in the wedding party. In addition, I shared photo duties with my other sister-in-law, Love Bethany Photography and I’ll link to her photos when they are posted.

Colorado Springs Family Portrait: The Grinsteads by Denise DeBelius

I knew Elise and Jon from our church in Brooklyn, New York and still lived there when they welcomed baby Amelie into their family. I took their holiday newborn portraits just before Christmas. And turns out, their families live in Colorado Springs and so I met up with them just about one year later to take their extended family portraits. Amelie is now just over a year old growing beautifully!

Staten Island Family Portrait: The Villarreal Family by Denise DeBelius

I took the Villarreal family portraits one to two times a year when I lived in New York City and Amelia never failed to steal the show with her doe eyes and adorable outfits. I love this family and the warmth that shone through their pictures. Their next photographer is a lucky one.

Brooklyn Newborn Portrait: Baby Amelie by Denise DeBelius

Baby Amelie was born five weeks before her December 23rd due date, so this Christmas baby reinvented herself as a November arrival. However, the Grinsteads scheduled her newborn session approaching her due date and we accented with some festive Christmas shots to celebrate the season and mark her extra days with them!

Kansas Family Portrait: Niberts' Newest Addition! by Denise DeBelius

Over Thanksgiving, I traveled to my home state to visit family and friends, and meet my bestie's new baby girl, Joni. The family is pictured out in their sprawling country yard with a late fall sunset - the same spot I shot her maternity portraits just one season ago!

Manhattan Family Portrait: The Bierbaums by Denise DeBelius

This is my second shoot with the Bierbaum family and in a twist of serendipity, we shot these portraits exactly one year after our first session. These little boys are growing up fast and on the move! 

Brooklyn Newborn Portrait: Baby Parker by Denise DeBelius

Shawn and Rachel had me over to their place bordering the East River one November weekend to capture their first portrait as a family of three! Parker is just about six weeks old in these photos; very much still a sleepy baby, but one also starting to reward her parents with those first gummy smiles. 

Brooklyn Family Portrait: Isaac Family by Denise DeBelius

Gary and Elsa are almost ready to celebrate Aman's first birthday in November and decided to book their first family portrait session. I met them in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn to shoot some photos inside their home and around their beautiful neighborhood. We finished at Saratoga Park, in the bed of brightly colored fall leaves. 

New Jersey Newborn Portraits: Baby Judah by Denise DeBelius

I visited the Todds at their home in Jersey City during late October, when Baby Judah was ten days old. He was very interested in watching the world around him, but we snuck a few sleepy shots. Congrats to the new parents!

New Jersey Family Portrait: Ellie's First Birthday! by Denise DeBelius

Gio, Melissa, and Ellie invited me out to their family's sprawling countryside property in Colt's Neck, New Jersey for a celebratory photo session commemorating Ellie's first birthday. It was a beautiful golden afternoon in late October and we gave Ellie all the fall decor she could play in. A perfect autumn baby!

Brooklyn Wedding: Chris and Aïda by Denise DeBelius

Chris and Aïda gathered a few family and friends in downtown Brooklyn on a Monday morning in October. We convened at City Hall, Chris in a white suit and Aïda in a beautiful pleated gown glinting with blues and purples. We were ushered into a quiet chapel room where the two exchanged vows and rings. After the intimate ceremony, we cheered the couple and photographed them outside the hall and walking the streets, as they headed off to cheeseburgers, pie, and life as newlyweds.

Brooklyn Styled Shoot: Lululuvs AW '17 Collection by Denise DeBelius

Lulu Gonzalez and I partnered again for her new autumn/winter collection of bows and clips for Lululuvs Brooklyn. She designed another gorgeous background for our indoor shoot and the late-summer ivy scaling her neighborhood walls also provided a colorful, textured backdrop for our outdoor poses.

Brooklyn Family Portrait: Delaney Family by Denise DeBelius

The Delaney family gathered in Brooklyn over the weekend from all over the Northeast. They were celebrating a last visit before young Damian and his parents move to Africa! It was such a pleasure to capture this memory for them.

New York Maternity: Adrienne in Tribeca by Denise DeBelius

The Todd family is expecting their first baby this October and I took some portraits of mom-to-be Adrienne in Tribeca. We made some casual shots on the beautiful Staple Street and then she donned a gorgeous lace gown from Movalight Maternity for pictures in the surrounding neighborhood.

Corb Lund by Denise DeBelius

Corb Lund is a country singer out of Canada. While he was in New York performing, we arranged a portrait shoot to update his promotional catalog. A "Midnight Cowboy" aesthetic inspired these portraits, taken in Freeman Alley, SoHo, on the Brooklyn Bridge, and underground in the Subway.