HomicideWatch.org Kickstarter / by denisedebelius

Update: David Carr of the New York Times wrote a great article about grassroots journalism like Homicide Watch. It was likely no coincidence that Homicide Watch experienced an influx of donations that boosted it from a deficit of about ten grand to well over its goal of $40,000, with several days to spare.

Two years ago, Chris and Laura Amico launched Homicide Watch. The experiment in community crime reporting has been called one of the most important innovations in civic journalism in recent years, “a brilliant re-imagining of what it means to be a news outlet,” says Clay Shirky.

When Laura was offered a fellowship at Harvard, the Amicos began their attempt to save Homicide Watch by handing it over to a university as a student reporting lab. However, they’ll need to raise $40,000 to do so. I shot* and edited a video detailing their Kickstarter campaign, which has amassed both national media support and (as of August 21) over thirty percent of their needed funds. 

*Special thanks to the Sunlight Foundation, who provided some broll.