The O'Briens by denisedebelius

I’ve only been living in Brooklyn for a year now and am still discovering all the places that families live, play, and thrive in this city of cities. I shot family portraits of the O’Briens in Battery Park City, where they reside. This neighborhood includes tall apartment complexes, a stunning shot of the World Trade Center, a park cove along the Hudson River, and the intense wind that soars off the water down their streets. It’s beautiful!

Isaac and Gemma by denisedebelius

The (almost) birthday twins celebrate their first year of reign! Isaac and Gemma: one year.

Gemma’s first birthday by denisedebelius

Cake smashes…they’re not for everyone. :)

We celebrated Gemma’s first birthday out at Bluejacket Crossing Vineyard and Winery this past weekend!

Isaac and Gemma by denisedebelius

Isaac and Gemma - 9 months

Rowena and Eleni by denisedebelius

Rowena and her look-a-like daughter, Eleni! 

Emily is three months old! by denisedebelius

We marked the occasion with a sweet shoot just before Valentine’s Day.

Isaac and Gemma by denisedebelius

A year ago, I called my best friend to tell her I was pregnant. She responded in a way I hadn’t anticipated, saying, “me too!” We gave birth one day apart, Isaac on September 23rd and Gemma on September 24th. In January, the two kiddos met for the first time. At nearly four months, they were at the perfect age to recognize another baby and express enthusiasm to one another.

In short, they’re probably going to get married.


DeBelius and Froelich family portraits by denisedebelius

Together with my sister-in-law, Bethany Froelich, we shot our annual DeBelius/Froelich family portraits over Christmas. There are two new additions over the last year: Charlotte and Isaac!

Isaac by denisedebelius

I’ve shot many portrait sessions with babies - they number among my favorite shoots. There is something about all the bright, big eyes discovering the world that jump through a lens and onto the image.

These days, I get to point the camera at a very special baby: my own! This is Isaac, who has grown from an alert little newborn into a very inquisitive infant.

Baby boom by denisedebelius

There seems to be a baby boom happening in 2014. In fact, so many of my friends are pregnant, we had to get together and celebrate the coming arrivals with a gender-themed group shoot!

The Niberts are expecting by denisedebelius

The Niberts are expecting a baby girl this September! We shot these portraits at the Kauffman Memorial Gardens in Kansas City, MO.

Holiday family portraits by denisedebelius

Holiday family portraits with my in-laws, nephew and an impending niece come February! Personal cameo thanks to my wireless shutter release.

Jonas by denisedebelius