family portrait

Cheyenne Mountain Family Portrait: The Marshalls by Denise DeBelius

The Mt. Cutler trail is a few twists and turns from the base of the Cheyenne Mountain entrance. From the trailhead, it’s a mile and half hike that meanders around the edges of steep cliffs and sloping ravines, dotted with both the barren branches of once burned clusters and then thick, fluffy pines spread like a blanket across the hills. I found myself hugging the inner trail up the mountain while the adventurous Marshall family confidently strode along the edges, murmuring approval of the views and with tiny Madeline surveying from a backpack atop her father’s shoulders. They were such a fun trio to capture in front of this beautiful backdrop. I hope this is the first of many pictures from these peaks.

Garden of the Gods Family Portrait: Yaksich Family by Denise DeBelius

These portraits were taken with the Yaksich family one early evening in Garden of the Gods. It was just before Easter and the days were already beginning to waver between warm sun and the spring rains that sweep through the afternoons. We strolled along the open trails and eventually hiked up into some of the red rocks splayed across the park’s expanse. The kids played in the carved rocks as we caught the last of the sun.

Staten Island Family Portrait: The Villarreal Family by Denise DeBelius

I took the Villarreal family portraits one to two times a year when I lived in New York City and Amelia never failed to steal the show with her doe eyes and adorable outfits. I love this family and the warmth that shone through their pictures. Their next photographer is a lucky one.

Brooklyn Family Portrait: Isaac Family by Denise DeBelius

Gary and Elsa are almost ready to celebrate Aman's first birthday in November and decided to book their first family portrait session. I met them in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn to shoot some photos inside their home and around their beautiful neighborhood. We finished at Saratoga Park, in the bed of brightly colored fall leaves. 

The Barker family by denisedebelius

I shot these family portraits in Prospect Park on the second Saturday of November. The fading sun set the fall foliage aglow and made for a spectacular backdrop!


The Lin family by denisedebelius

I visited the Upper East Side on a breezy November morning to meet and make the portraits of the Lin family. These kids were seriously the best and their sibling love is evident in every image.

The Raymond family by denisedebelius

The Raymond family illustrating why fall photos are a photographer favorite. Photos taken in Prospect Park.

The O'Briens by denisedebelius

I’ve only been living in Brooklyn for a year now and am still discovering all the places that families live, play, and thrive in this city of cities. I shot family portraits of the O’Briens in Battery Park City, where they reside. This neighborhood includes tall apartment complexes, a stunning shot of the World Trade Center, a park cove along the Hudson River, and the intense wind that soars off the water down their streets. It’s beautiful!

The Goforth family by denisedebelius

The Goforth family portraits, shot on a sun-drenched October day in Central Park. Jordan and Courtney are moving their family back home to California after five years in New York City. This shoot was a memento of their life here…and a sendoff celebration as their little boy turns one!

Chloe’s birthday by denisedebelius

On the first of April, Chloe Bennett turned four! We celebrated her birthday with a dressy photoshoot that quickly evolved into a full-family portrait session!